FreeBSD gettext 更新問題

筆記一下 gettext 衝突

Installing gettext-runtime-0.19.4...
pkg-static: gettext-runtime-0.19.4 conflicts with gettext- (installs files into the same place). 
Problematic file: /usr/local/bin/envsubst
*** Error code 70

make: stopped in /usr/ports/devel/gettext-runtime


  The devel/gettext port has been split up in devel/gettext-runtime, a
  lightweight package containing runtime libraries, and devel/gettext-tools,
  a package containing developer tools.  The devel/gettext port still exists
  as a metaport.

  You must first delete the existing installation of gettext and then
  reinstall it.  This will break sudo, so you *must* do this in a root
  shell (sudo -i) if you use sudo.


pkg delete -f gettext


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